You will engage in an group activities each subject is designed to keep you interested involve and on your toes.


You will get the hands on experience by applying theory and principles in to practice.

Case Based

Lessons are brought to life through cases, which put you in the shoes of manufacturing leaders.


Institute of Manufacturing Management

Management of the manufacturing function in Sri Lanka has rarely received the attention and serious thought it requires and deserves, both at a corporate level and at national level. Policy initiatives have generally focused on the manufacturing and marketing of products without any attempt at understanding the structure and dynamics of sustainable competitiveness in manufacturing. Though courses involving production, operations management, supply chain are provided in some of Sri Lanka’s universities and institutions at undergraduate and post graduate levels, there is a probably, just one Sri Lankan university which looks at manufacturing management from an industry practitioner’s perspective. Whilst it may be fashionable to speak of the virtues of the service economy, it is little realized that manufacturing forms the heart of any productive economy....

What We Do

Small and Medium Entrepreneurs(SME) will get the assistance of IMM to introduce best manufacturing practices and develop front line leaders as future manufacturing leaders in the country.


Provide overview of Manufacturing Management & Principles


Advance the knowledge in Manufacturing Management, Leadership and Best Manufacturing Practices.


Knowledge sharing on Manufacturing related concepts.

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